Although the news has been repeatedly broadcast by the media, lack of public awareness seems to be an advantage for the thieves, and this is evidenced by the fact that many people can still be stolen simply by online tricks are simple. Some sites led you through the ins and outs of digital implementation of the most dangerous in the world, so be careful with your online activities.
Here are 7 great criminals in cyberspace, even though their names are pseudonyms, but they are real.

1. Kodiak
In 1994, the Kodiak access the accounts of several large corporate customers at major banks and transfer the funds to an account that has been set up by their accomplices in Finland, the United States, Germany, Israel and the UK. In 2005, he was convicted and jailed for three years. Kodiak is estimated to have stolen amounted to 10.7 million dollars.
2. Don Fanucci
At the age of 15 years, Don Fanucci perform a series of attacks in February 2000 against several websites high traffick commercial areas. He was sentenced prisoners in the town where he lived, Montreal, Quebec, on 12 September 2001 for eight months open custody, one year probation, restrictions on use of the Internet, and fines. Damage to the global economy as a result of his attacks are believed to reach 7.5 million to 1.2 billion dollars.
3. Pox
One of the creators of e-mail virus “Love Bug” (iloveyou), Pox, is alleged to have infected and crippled more than 50 million computers and networks on May 4, 2000. The virus also attacked computers owned by the Pentagon, CIA and other large organizations and cause losses of millions of dollars due to damage. Because the Philippines had no laws against computer hacking crimes, Fox was never indicted for his crimes.
4. Mishkal
Mishkal accused as one of the godfathers of credit card counterfeiters in Eastern Europe. He and partner-partner accused of mass producing fake credit and debit cards. At one point, they reported having income up to $ 100,000 per day. He was arrested but later released after six months in detention, and immediately looked for a position in the government of Ukraine – a position that would give him automatic immunity from further prosecution.
5. The Wiz and Piotrek
The Wiz, 23, and Piotrek, 27, of Chelyabinsk, Russia, was sentenced to a number of demands complicity, computer crimes and fraud tie against financial institutions in Seattle, Los Angeles and Texas. Among other things, they stole a database of about 50,000 credit cards. Both were fined and sentenced to at least three years in prison.
6. Roper, Red_Skwyre, and Dragov
Three people are the core of a network of cyber crime to extort money from the banks, internet casinos, and various other web-based businesses. Their strategy is simple, namely to hack and hold the account transactions for a $ 40,000 ransom. Indicted cause direct damage of more than 2 million poundstarling and indirect damage of about 40 million poundstarling. In October 2007, the trio were found guilty and sentenced to eight years in prison.
7. Bandit
Bandit manipulate roughly 500,000 computers and rent it for criminal activities. He was arrested in November 2005 in an FBI operation, and was sentenced to 60 months in prison and ordered to surrender a luxury car worth 58,000 dollars from the proceeds of crime. He was also ordered to pay $ 15,000 in compensation to the U.S. government for military computers were infected.