We ordered one with chicken breast and egg, and another with shredded chicken. They already ran out of tempe and tahu (tofu) by 12pm on a Saturday. Not long after ordering, the food came since they were all ready to serve. All orders already included gudeg (stewed young jackfruit that tastes sweet) and krecek (spicy stewed beef skin). The chicken breast, egg, and shredded chicken were both tender and tasted rather sweet. The gudeg was sweeter and drier than gudeg we usually had in Jakarta, and the krecek was hotter.
Nasi gudeg with chicken breast and egg, Rp 30k
Nasi Gudeg With Chicken Breast
Nasi gudeg with shredded chicken, Rp 8k
We liked Yu Djum’s gudeg so we actually came back to have their gudeg again on our 3-day trip. This time, we visited their branch on Jl Wijilan (Wijilan Street), nearby Keraton. Jl Wijilan was filled with gudeg restaurants, and Yu Djum was the most crowded one. At this branch, the place was much smaller. There was not any chair, they only provided a mat for diners to sit with bare feet; or we call it ‘lesehan’. At 1pm on a Monday, they ran out almost everything except chicken wing and shredded chicken. So we ordered only one portion of nasi gudeg with chicken wing.
Nasi Gudeg With Chicken Wing
Our food came, and they had a pretty consistent taste with their Jl Dagen branch. With our luck, Yu Djum’s food truck came while we were enjoying our first plate. Soon they were busy unloading ready-made food in baskets covered with banana leaves. So we added another portion of gudeg, krecek, and tofu (yay, tofu!) without the rice (yes, you can modify your order per your liking).
Gudeg with tofu
Our total bill was Rp 39k, including drinks.
If you go to Yogyakarta you must try it.