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Small Animal But Deadly

God is the most righteous and perfect, he created this earth beings with deficiency and excess, deficiency and excess that make we should be very thankful to god. neither does the animals, some animals such as elephant, buffalo, etc., they can protect themselves from his enemy using his strength. then what about a small animal? they also can protect themselves with the strengths of each, even deadly.
below are these animals:
9. Tick
Fleas eat blood and attach themselves to other animals (including humans). They can be difficult to remove and removal should be done with caution because they can leave their head which can lead to serious infections. According to Wikipedia, hard ticks (hard ticks) can transmit human diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain fever, tularemia, equine encephalitis, Colorado tick fever, African Tick Bite Fever, and several forms of ehrlichiosis.
8. Tarantula Hawk
Tarantula Hawk is named after the fact that they hunt tarantulas as their larval food. Their sting is rated as one of the most painful in the world (although it does not hurt like a bullet ant). One researcher described the “[...] as a direct cause shock, excruciating pain that simply shuts down one’s ability to do anything, except, perhaps, scream. Mental discipline just does not work in this situation.” Tarantula Hawk is the ‘official insect’ the state of New Mexico. had a great title “OFFICIAL INSECTS”
7. Tsetse Flies
The fly is a large biting flies that eat the blood of African vertebrates. They are known to cause disease in humans and Nagana Sleep in cattle. Sleeping sickness is a parasitic disease in humans and animals caused by Trypanosoma, a protozoan that is transmitted by the tsetse fly. Symptoms of sleeping sickness begins with a fever and headache and swelling at the back of the neck. After that, the victim may experience daytime sleep and insomnia. This can lead to death afterwards.
6. Africanized Bees
Bees are also called killer bees, and are descended from 26 Tanzanian queen bees are bred with other species after they accidentally released from the nest in Brazil. What makes bees deadly is their defensive nature and tendency to huddle. In addition, they tend to follow the victim even when it was far from the nest. This aggressiveness when attacking ensure potential threats painful death for the victim.
5. Deathstalker
It is a species of scorpion is very dangerous because the poison. Poison is actually a mixture of powerful neurotoxins. Although, the poison will not kill a healthy adult, can be fatal for children and the elderly. Ironically, the toxic component (peptide chlorotoxin) has the potential to cure human brain tumors, while other toxins may help fight diabetes.
4. Black Widow
Spider is one of the most famous species, especially as the poison that can be fatal to humans. The poison is said to be stronger than a rattlesnake. Males and females have an hourglass-shaped mark on their lower abdomen. Females are larger than males relative and contrary to popular belief, females rarely eat males after mating.
3. Army Ants
They are found in Africa and Asia and they build nests while on the go. The greatest risk to human ant is when they ran through the house. When food supplies are low, these ants will gather in sizes up to 50 million ants. There are reports that people are usually killed with him shortness of breath (ants will frequently enter into the lungs). Mandible they are so strong that in some parts of Africa they are used individually as emergency sutures when medical supplies are not available.
2. Bullet Ant
A bite from this insect will not kill you, but you will never forget. Ant is so named because its bite tastes like a shot and can cause the most painful bite of any creature known to man. These ants are the number one position on the Schmidt Sting Pain Index where it is described as causing “waves of burning, throbbing, all-consuming pain that continues for up to 24 hours”.
1. Anopheles mosquitoes
Mosquitoes are considered the most dangerous creature on earth as it causes more than 300 million cases of malaria each year, resulting in between 1 to 3 million deaths. They can also carry dengue fever, elephantiasis, and yellow fever. They are usually active during the night, so one way to protect yourself is to use insect repellent and wear long sleeves.

A Little about ONE DIRECTION

Recent outbreaks girlband boyband and very loved by teenagers.
Not only from Korea, there is also a boyband who is now on the rise. Derived from a combination of British and Irish boy band formed in London around 2010 ago. Who else if not ONE DIRECTION :D
Comprised by five cool guy and handsome, that attract many female fans. This boyband member are Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.
Now they have 2 albums. titled first album Up All Night was released in November of 2011 it became the fastest selling album. As single debut song “What Makes You Beautiful” they won Best British Single. And recently they have launched a second album titled “Take Me Home”. contains 17 songs. 13 singles debut and 4 other songs are bonustracks.
There are a little about One Direction. Wait for the next posts :)

The Biggest Cyber Crime In The World

Crime in cyberspace (cyber crime) now ranks second only to drug crimes, in terms of the value of the benefits obtained material, and loss and damage for the victims.
Although the news has been repeatedly broadcast by the media, lack of public awareness seems to be an advantage for the thieves, and this is evidenced by the fact that many people can still be stolen simply by online tricks are simple. Some sites led you through the ins and outs of digital implementation of the most dangerous in the world, so be careful with your online activities.
Here are 7 great criminals in cyberspace, even though their names are pseudonyms, but they are real.

1. Kodiak
In 1994, the Kodiak access the accounts of several large corporate customers at major banks and transfer the funds to an account that has been set up by their accomplices in Finland, the United States, Germany, Israel and the UK. In 2005, he was convicted and jailed for three years. Kodiak is estimated to have stolen amounted to 10.7 million dollars.
2. Don Fanucci
At the age of 15 years, Don Fanucci perform a series of attacks in February 2000 against several websites high traffick commercial areas. He was sentenced prisoners in the town where he lived, Montreal, Quebec, on 12 September 2001 for eight months open custody, one year probation, restrictions on use of the Internet, and fines. Damage to the global economy as a result of his attacks are believed to reach 7.5 million to 1.2 billion dollars.
3. Pox
One of the creators of e-mail virus “Love Bug” (iloveyou), Pox, is alleged to have infected and crippled more than 50 million computers and networks on May 4, 2000. The virus also attacked computers owned by the Pentagon, CIA and other large organizations and cause losses of millions of dollars due to damage. Because the Philippines had no laws against computer hacking crimes, Fox was never indicted for his crimes.
4. Mishkal
Mishkal accused as one of the godfathers of credit card counterfeiters in Eastern Europe. He and partner-partner accused of mass producing fake credit and debit cards. At one point, they reported having income up to $ 100,000 per day. He was arrested but later released after six months in detention, and immediately looked for a position in the government of Ukraine – a position that would give him automatic immunity from further prosecution.
5. The Wiz and Piotrek
The Wiz, 23, and Piotrek, 27, of Chelyabinsk, Russia, was sentenced to a number of demands complicity, computer crimes and fraud tie against financial institutions in Seattle, Los Angeles and Texas. Among other things, they stole a database of about 50,000 credit cards. Both were fined and sentenced to at least three years in prison.
6. Roper, Red_Skwyre, and Dragov
Three people are the core of a network of cyber crime to extort money from the banks, internet casinos, and various other web-based businesses. Their strategy is simple, namely to hack and hold the account transactions for a $ 40,000 ransom. Indicted cause direct damage of more than 2 million poundstarling and indirect damage of about 40 million poundstarling. In October 2007, the trio were found guilty and sentenced to eight years in prison.
7. Bandit
Bandit manipulate roughly 500,000 computers and rent it for criminal activities. He was arrested in November 2005 in an FBI operation, and was sentenced to 60 months in prison and ordered to surrender a luxury car worth 58,000 dollars from the proceeds of crime. He was also ordered to pay $ 15,000 in compensation to the U.S. government for military computers were infected.

Tempe Chips from MALANG

Industrial district is located in the area of Malang tempeh Sanan Malang, East Java, tempeh crisps are typical hawker native city ofMalang are well known and in demand by many tourists who’ve been to the city of Malang. Distinctive flavor of the processed Malang tempeh tempeh tempeh is different from other regions processed outside Malang, Malang tempeh therefore more acceptable and preferable especially in processed tempenya own taste. Processed tempeh is very plentiful and varied in the culinary world, especially for culinary Indonesia.
In tempe chips contained 20% protein – 25% and water 10% – 20% and vegetable fats and proteins.

The making process Tempe Chips

Chips tempeh is made ​​from soybeans that is used as a staple tempeh textured solid then cut thin, mixed with other ingredients such as rice flour and spices such as cilantro, onion, lime, betel leaves, coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves, as a condiment. Then fried until dry, crisp and savory. The process of making chips is done traditionally and without preservatives so it is safe for consumption and hygiene.


  • Without the use of preservatives.
  • The chips are thin and crispy.
  • Do not use cooking oil.
  • Not easy to rancidity.
  • Good packaging and hygienic.
  • There are a variety of different flavors.
Weight in packing chips are available in two types ie 100 grams and 200 grams.Tempe chips packaged in plastic with thickness of 0.10 mm so it can be durable and repackaged with cardboard when shipped out of town.
Tempe chips consist of several different flavors including:
  • Original flavors (original flavor without extra seasoning seasoning powder).
  • Taste Balado, cheese, grilled chicken, barbecue, shrimp, pizza, etc..
For anyone who likes and hobbies adventure in culinary tourism is worth a try and taste the typical hawker Malang city, you must be satisfied guaranteed. Let’s try and see for yourself the delights of healthy snacks tempe chips this.

The Most Beautiful Rice Field

Rice is the staple food in many countries and even Indonesia is one country that makes rice as a staple food. Speaking of rice and rice, there is rice farming land so. Fertile rice fields irrigation system would have to pay attention, so many terraced rice fields made ​​(terracing). In addition to making equitable distribution of water also reduces the hazard of erosion.
Of millions of hectares of rice fields in the earth, some of which create beautiful scenery. okay friends, this time I will show you some pictures of some fields that I know are very beautiful.
1.Yunnan, China
2. Banaue, Filipina
3. Pulau Boracay, Filipina
4. Rishikesh, Himalaya
5. Hamanoura, Jepang
6. Machu Picchu, Peru

7. Subak, Bali
8. Cancar, Flores
I think it’s umpteen and thanks to the readers for your attention.
Wassalamualaikum Wr. wb

Hakcer and Cracker ???

So far, we discern the difficulties which hackers and crackers? Who are the hackers and crackers and it really is? he’s the info.
(English: hacker) is a study, analyze, and can modify or even exploit the system contained in a device such as computer software (computer programs) and computer hardware, administration and others, especially security.
In addition, the hacker also the name for the person or group of people who provide a useful contribution to the world of networking and operating systems, a program for world aid and computer networks. Hackers could also be categorized job is done to look for the weaknesses of a system and provide ideas or opinions that can improve the discovery of weaknesses in the system.
While the cracker is a term for people who are looking for weaknesses in the system and entered it for personal gain and profit of the systems in the cluster such as data theft, removal, and more.
Terminology hackers emerged in the early 1960s among the members of student organizations Tech Model Railroad Club at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The student group is one of the pioneering developments in computer technology and they are struggling with a mainframe computer. The word hacker first appeared with a positive sense to refer to a member who has expertise in the field of computers and computer programs that are able to make better than that has been designed together.
Then in 1983, the term hacker turned into a negative. Because, in that year for the first time the FBI caught 414s computer criminal groups based in the U.S. Milwaukee. 414 is the area code of their local. The group later referred to as hackers are convicted of burglary 60 computers, from computers owned by Cancer Center Memorian Solan-Kettering’s computer to Los Alamos National Laboratory. One of pelakuk was granted immunity because TESTIMONIALS, while five other players get probation.
Hacker has a negative connotation because people with different terms between hackers and crackers. Many people understand that the hackers that resulted in loss of certain parties, such as inserting the virus code and steal an important transaction data, and so forth.
Though they are cacker. Crackers use security holes that have not been repaired by the manufacturer software (bug) to infiltrate and damage a system. For this reason the hackers are usually divided into 2 groups understand White Hat Hackers the true hackers and crackers are often referred to as Black Hat Hackers.
Now with the explanation above it can be seen where the hackers and crackers are.

Gudeg Yu Djum in Malioboro

Continous our trip to Yogyakarta, we definitely wanted to try the authentic Yogyakarta dish: gudeg. We’ve read many good reviews about Gudeg Yu Djum, so we headed to Gudeg Yu Djum restaurant on Jl Dagen (Dagen Street) while we were browsing through Jl Malioboro. The restaurant was not too big, and they provided chairs and tables for diners.
 We ordered one with chicken breast and egg, and another with shredded chicken. They already ran out of tempe and tahu (tofu) by 12pm on a Saturday. Not long after ordering, the food came since they were all ready to serve. All orders already included gudeg (stewed young jackfruit that tastes sweet) and krecek (spicy stewed beef skin). The chicken breast, egg, and shredded chicken were both tender and tasted rather sweet. The gudeg was sweeter and drier than gudeg we usually had in Jakarta, and the krecek was hotter.
Nasi gudeg with chicken breast and egg, Rp 30k
Nasi Gudeg With Chicken Breast
Nasi gudeg with shredded chicken, Rp 8k
We liked Yu Djum’s gudeg so we actually came back to have their gudeg again on our 3-day trip. This time, we visited their branch on Jl Wijilan (Wijilan Street), nearby Keraton. Jl Wijilan was filled with gudeg restaurants, and Yu Djum was the most crowded one. At this branch, the place was much smaller. There was not any chair, they only provided a mat for diners to sit with bare feet; or we call it ‘lesehan’. At 1pm on a Monday, they ran out almost everything except chicken wing and shredded chicken. So we ordered only one portion of nasi gudeg with chicken wing.
Nasi Gudeg With Chicken Wing
Our food came, and they had a pretty consistent taste with their Jl Dagen branch. With our luck, Yu Djum’s food truck came while we were enjoying our first plate. Soon they were busy unloading ready-made food in baskets covered with banana leaves. So we added another portion of gudeg, krecek, and tofu (yay, tofu!) without the rice (yes, you can modify your order per your liking).
Gudeg with tofu
Our total bill was Rp 39k, including drinks.
If you go to Yogyakarta you must try it.


Agnes Monica Muljoto is a Indonesian singer that was born on July, 1st 1986. She is the second child from Jenny Siswono and Ricky Suprapto. She has older brother, Steve Muljoto. Her talent shows from she young. She often be a singer at her church when she was young.

She started her carier on 6 years old. Her first album is “Si Meong”. Then, the second is “Yess!”. Beside be a singer, Agnes also be a presenter in a child progam (Video Anak Anteve and Diva Romeo). She got a champion on Panasonic Awards to be a Faforite Kids Presenter.
When she grow into a teenager, she began to be an actress in some sinetron (drama series). From “Lupus Millenia” and “Mr. Hollogram”, and she began to present in other sinetron. She also got a champion to be a “Faforite Actress” in Panasonic Awards 2001-2002.
Not enough only on Indonesia, she wanted to “Go International”. She published her second album “Whaddup A’..?” at Septemer, 10th 2005. She doesn’t just collaborated with some famous singer in Indonesia like Ahmad Dhani and Melly Goeslow. But, she also collaborated with a famous singer from America, Keith Martin.
On 2008, Agnes present to Asia Song Festifal which participated by 14 Actress’ and Actors from Asia, like Super Junior, SNSD, and many more. She got a champion to be “The Best Asian Artist Award”. Amazing!
On 2011, she publish her fourth album, “Agnes Is My Name”. This is the best album from Agnes Monica. She made some video clips in this album at Los Angeles America. And at the same year, she also collaborating with the American famous singer, Michael Bolton on  “Said I Loved You..But I Lied”.
Her achievement in an International, Agnes ever be the presenter on American Music Awards 2010 in Los Angeles, America. She also ever successful to got a nomination to be “Worldwide Act Asia Pasific” on MTV Eurpoe Music Awards 2011. And many more..
Agnes Monica sing POP, R&B, and Hip-Hop music. She said if Aretha Franklin, Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Beyonce are  person who give an effect to her life on music.
Agnes Monica has a soprano voice type with reach a high enough. She is the first Indonesian singer which use a whistle register techniques on “Karena Ku Sanggup” and “Rindu”. On an energyc song, she integrate with a energy choreography like on “Tak Ada Logika” song. She also the firs Indonesian singer which has a dancing groub which has name “Nezindahood”.
Yea, that’s some information about profile of my idol, Agnes Monica. I hope that it will useful.

Killer Plants

Plants grown in this unfortunate land of extreme acidic or infertile soil that does not have sufficient nutrients for growth. The solution? These plants have to kill and digest other unfortunate creatures.
Here some call “semar bag,” while other names can vary.
Monkey Cup (“Monkey Bowl”)
Most of these plants are insect prey, perhaps occasionally a tree frog. But later known species of giant, Nepenthe Attenboroughii, even rodents and birds devour the menu.
Hanging Pitcher Plmoants
The plant is using its visual appeal and sweet-smelling glands to trick insects to come closer. Smooth edges and steep so easy to fall into the victim trap and sink holes.
Sarracenia flower Leucophylla
“Swimming” in the plant is called phytotelmata. The plant has a special enzyme to dissolve the victim’s body. Many of these plants have a small ecosystem in the body bercairan which is also a tiny little insect life that also took the lives that have been submerged and crops will absorb the rest.
Purple Pitcher Plant
Sarraceniopus Gibsoni, a mite (mite) ditemukaan only in this plant.
Wyeomyia smithii, a mosquito life cycle is almost entirely spent in the plant.
Nepenthes beccariana of Sibolga, Sumatra
California Cobra Lily, below bergarpu has a tongue that help the ants and other crawling insects that are in it.
Coverings such as hats that rely on many types of plants make flying insects is hard to escape.

The Grandest Mosque

Mosque Baitul Mukarram, Dhaka, Bangladesh
This Mosque is the National Mosque of Bangladesh. Located in the heart of Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, the mosque was founded in the 1960s.
It has a capacity of 30,000 people, a 10 largest mosque in the world, but still get the mosque was to
Faisal Mosque, Islamabad, Pakistan
Faisal Mosque in Islamabad is the largest mosque in Indonesia and South Asia and the fourth largest mosque in the world. It is the largest mosque in the world in 1986-1993 when defeated size by the completion of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco. After the expansion of the Masjid Al-Haram
(Grand Mosque) of Mecca and Al-Masjid al-Nabawi (Prophet’s Mosque) in Medina, Saudi Arabia in the 1990s,
Mosque Faisal Mosque to fourth place in the world.
Sultan Mosque, Singapore
Sultan Mosque, located at Muscat Street and North Bridge Road in Kampong Glam Rochor District Planning Area in Singapore. The mosque is considered one of the most important mosques in Singapore. Prayer hall and domes highlight the mosque features star.
Sultan Mosque has stayed essentially unchanged since it was built, only with improvements made to the main hall in 1960 and annex added in 1993. He was assigned as a national monument on March 14, 1975.
Baiturrahman, Bandar Aceh, Indonesia
Baiturrahman Grand Mosque is a mosque located in the center of Banda Aceh. The mosque was formerly a mosque of the Sultanate of Aceh.
When the Dutch attacked the city of Banda Aceh in 1873, the mosque was burned, and in 1875 the Netherlands rebuild a mosque as his successor.
This single-domed mosque, and can be completed on December 27, 1883. Further Mosque was expanded to 3 dome in 1935. Last expanded again to 5 dome (1959-1968).
This mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Indonesia, which has the form of a sweet, carving an attractive, spacious courtyard and was very cool to be in the room when the mosque.
Taj’ul Masjid, Bhopal, India
Taj-ul-Masajid, is a mosque situated in Bhopal, India. This is one of the largest mosques in Asia. The mosque is also used as a madrasah (Islamic school) during the day.
Omar Ali Saifuddin, Brunei
Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque is a royal Islamic mosque located in Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of the Sultanate of Brunei. The mosque is classified as one of the most spectacular mosques in the Asia Pacific region and become a major attraction for tourists. Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque is considered amongst the people of Brunei as a landmark of the country.
Zahir Mosque, Kedah, Malaysia
The mosque was built in 1912, an effort that expensed late Tunku Ibni Sultan Mahmud Shah Tajuddin Mukarram. This site is the mosque is the tomb of Kedah warriors who had died while maintaining Kedah from Siam in 1821. The architecture of the mosque was inspired by Azizi mosque in Langkat town in northern Sumatra. The mosque is enhanced with five prime large domes symbolizing the five Islamic principles.
Masjid Al Aqsa, Jerusalem, Israel (Palestine)
Al-Aqsa Mosque (Arabic: المسجد الاقصى, “the farthest mosque”), also known as the Al-Aqsa, is an Islamic holy sites in the Old City of Jerusalem. In the mosque itself is part of the Al-Haram ash-Sharif or “Sacred Noble Sanctuary” (along with the Dome of the Rock), a site also known as the Temple Mount and the sites holiest site in Judaism, as it is believed to be a temple Jerusalem once stood. is widely regarded as the third holiest site in Islam, Muslims believe that the prophet Muhammad was transported from the Sacred Mosque in Mecca to al-Aqsa during the Night Journey. Islamic tradition states that Muhammad led prayers towards this site until the seventeenth month after the emigration, when God ordered him to turn towards the Ka’aba.
In the Al-Aqsa Mosque was originally a small prayer house built by the Rashidun caliph Umar, but it has been built and developed by the Ummayad caliph Abd al-Malik and finished by his son al-Walid in 705 CE. After an earthquake in 746, the mosque was completely destroyed and built by the Abbasid caliph al-Mansur in 754, and again by his successor al-Mahdi in 780. Another earthquake destroyed the earth at the al-Aqsa in 1033, but two years later the Fatimid caliph Ali az-Zahir built another mosque which has stood to the present-day. During the periodic renovations done, the various ruling dynasties of the Islamic Caliphate constructed addition to the mosque and surrounding areas, such as the dome, vision, and minbar, minarets and the interior structure. When the Crusaders captured Jerusalem in 1099, they used the mosque as a palace and church, but its function as a mosque was restored once again by Saladin. Again renovations, improvements and additions made in later centuries by the Ayyubids, Today, the Old City under Israeli control, but still below the mosque administration of the Palestinian-led Islamic waqf.
Masjid Al Nabawi, Madina, Saudi Arabia
In the Prophet’s Mosque (or Prophet’s Mosque) (Arabic: المسجد النبوي), in Medina, is the second holiest mosque in Islam, and the second largest mosque in the world after the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca. This is the final place of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. The mosque is considered the second holiest mosque by both Shia and Sunni, while the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is the third holiest site.
One of the most important features of the site that Green Dome over the center of the mosque, where the tomb of Muhammad is located. It is not really known when the green dome was constructed but manuscripts dating to the early 12th century to explain the dome. This is known as the Dome Prophet or the Green Dome. Islam after the government greatly expanded and decorated it. Early Muslim leaders Abu Bakr and Umar are buried in an area around the mosque.
The site was originally Muhammad’s house, he settled there after the Hijra (emigration) to Medina, later building a mosque on the grounds. He himself shared in the heavy construction work. Original mosque was an open-air building. Basic plan of the building has been adopted in the building mosques elsewhere in the world.
The mosque is also used as a community center, a court, and a religious school. There is a platform to raise the people who taught the Qur’an.
Masjid Al Haram, Makkahm, Saudi Arabia
Al-Masjid Al-Haram (المسجد الحرام) is the largest mosque in the world. Located in the city of Mecca, he was around the Kaaba, the place which Muslims turn towards while offering daily prayers and is considered the holiest place on Earth by Muslims.
The mosque is also known as the Grand Mosque.
Current structure covers an area of ​​400,800 square meters (99.0 acres) including the outdoor and indoor praying spaces and can accommodate up to 4 million during the Hajj period, one of the largest annual gatherings of the world.