She started her carier on 6 years old. Her first album is “Si Meong”. Then, the second is “Yess!”. Beside be a singer, Agnes also be a presenter in a child progam (Video Anak Anteve and Diva Romeo). She got a champion on Panasonic Awards to be a Faforite Kids Presenter.
When she grow into a teenager, she began to be an actress in some sinetron (drama series). From “Lupus Millenia” and “Mr. Hollogram”, and she began to present in other sinetron. She also got a champion to be a “Faforite Actress” in Panasonic Awards 2001-2002.
Not enough only on Indonesia, she wanted to “Go International”. She published her second album “Whaddup A’..?” at Septemer, 10th 2005. She doesn’t just collaborated with some famous singer in Indonesia like Ahmad Dhani and Melly Goeslow. But, she also collaborated with a famous singer from America, Keith Martin.
On 2008, Agnes present to Asia Song Festifal which participated by 14 Actress’ and Actors from Asia, like Super Junior, SNSD, and many more. She got a champion to be “The Best Asian Artist Award”. Amazing!
On 2011, she publish her fourth album, “Agnes Is My Name”. This is the best album from Agnes Monica. She made some video clips in this album at Los Angeles America. And at the same year, she also collaborating with the American famous singer, Michael Bolton on  “Said I Loved You..But I Lied”.
Her achievement in an International, Agnes ever be the presenter on American Music Awards 2010 in Los Angeles, America. She also ever successful to got a nomination to be “Worldwide Act Asia Pasific” on MTV Eurpoe Music Awards 2011. And many more..
Agnes Monica sing POP, R&B, and Hip-Hop music. She said if Aretha Franklin, Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Beyonce are  person who give an effect to her life on music.
Agnes Monica has a soprano voice type with reach a high enough. She is the first Indonesian singer which use a whistle register techniques on “Karena Ku Sanggup” and “Rindu”. On an energyc song, she integrate with a energy choreography like on “Tak Ada Logika” song. She also the firs Indonesian singer which has a dancing groub which has name “Nezindahood”.
Yea, that’s some information about profile of my idol, Agnes Monica. I hope that it will useful.