(English: hacker) is a study, analyze, and can modify or even exploit the system contained in a device such as computer software (computer programs) and computer hardware, administration and others, especially security.
In addition, the hacker also the name for the person or group of people who provide a useful contribution to the world of networking and operating systems, a program for world aid and computer networks. Hackers could also be categorized job is done to look for the weaknesses of a system and provide ideas or opinions that can improve the discovery of weaknesses in the system.
While the cracker is a term for people who are looking for weaknesses in the system and entered it for personal gain and profit of the systems in the cluster such as data theft, removal, and more.
Terminology hackers emerged in the early 1960s among the members of student organizations Tech Model Railroad Club at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The student group is one of the pioneering developments in computer technology and they are struggling with a mainframe computer. The word hacker first appeared with a positive sense to refer to a member who has expertise in the field of computers and computer programs that are able to make better than that has been designed together.
Then in 1983, the term hacker turned into a negative. Because, in that year for the first time the FBI caught 414s computer criminal groups based in the U.S. Milwaukee. 414 is the area code of their local. The group later referred to as hackers are convicted of burglary 60 computers, from computers owned by Cancer Center Memorian Solan-Kettering’s computer to Los Alamos National Laboratory. One of pelakuk was granted immunity because TESTIMONIALS, while five other players get probation.
Hacker has a negative connotation because people with different terms between hackers and crackers. Many people understand that the hackers that resulted in loss of certain parties, such as inserting the virus code and steal an important transaction data, and so forth.
Though they are cacker. Crackers use security holes that have not been repaired by the manufacturer software (bug) to infiltrate and damage a system. For this reason the hackers are usually divided into 2 groups understand White Hat Hackers the true hackers and crackers are often referred to as Black Hat Hackers.
Now with the explanation above it can be seen where the hackers and crackers are.